National Volunteer Week April 16-22

HHLPOA is proud to say that Mateya, (at right in the photo), who is known along with her sister, Siena, as the “Firewood Girls”, has already signed up to be a volunteer this summer! 

The sisters have shown that they can make a difference.  Last year they donated a portion of their firewood sales to HHLPOA! This year Mateya wants to also rack up some hours to put towards her Secondary School Graduation Requirement for Volunteer Hours. Way to go Mateya!

Besides the Green-Up Days, volunteers are needed for the Kids Fishing Derby and the new “Float the River“ event. HHLPOA would be thrilled to also have a Volunteer Coordinator as well as a Prize Coordinator.  You can sign up here

Making time to make a difference makes a world of difference to the HHLPOA! We are grateful to each of our HHLPOA volunteers, who bring you programs, events and information to preserve and enhance our lakes and lands.

Photo Credit: Mateya’s mom, Laura