There is even more to the Jasim Lodge story and the early years at Halls Lake!

Thanks to the original post of Ol’ Buttermilk Falls story in January 2020, more information has been given to me by Graham Mino, the son of Joyce Mino, who originally provided the envelope that led to this story.  Then John and Delma Waller who are in fact the only remaining descendents of the Jasim Lodge owners, and who still have a place on Halls Lake added much more.  I am also grateful to Ted Burbidge, who added additional information as well.  If you have photos or more information about this early time at Halls Lake, please share!

The Jasim Lodge that Liz Clark refers to in her story Ol’ Buttermilk Falls, was actually owned by the Jacques and Simms families.  We also know that just about everyone who was at the Jasim Lodge either worked or was in some way associated with the Canadian Standards Association (CSA)

As John Waller writes:

Delma and I both were both employed by CSA.  In fact that is where we met.  Delma worked in the accounting department (for 12 years) and I was a lab technician at the time.  Bill Jacques was supervisor of the inspection department. His son Larry worked in the same department as did Doug Boniface.  When John Henselwood bought Larry’s lot he too was a CSA employee working as Bill’s assistant.  Actually, Delma spoke to Larry at a company (CSA) golf tournament in the early summer of 1959 about our interest in a cottage.  His reply was “I’ve got just the place for you “.  That led to a visit to Halls Lake and immediately falling in love with Haliburton. And the story goes on from there.

The following is a chronology of what happened to the Jasim Lodge in the years that followed this Ol’ Buttermilk Falls story, first of all as written by John Waller.

When the Jacques/Simms lodge partnership dissolved, the lodge property was divided into 5 lots.  To keep it simple, let’s describe them as lots 1 to 5 with the most westerly lot being number 1.  Bill and Nan Jacques took lot one (a 100 foot lot).  Larry Jacques (Bill’s son) and Lorna Jacques took lot 2.  Doug and Joan Boniface purchased lot 3.  Howard and Joyce (Graham’s parents) Mino purchase lot 4, (the lodge lot).  Mrs Coulter acquired lot 5.  I believe Mrs Coulter was Lorna Jacques mother not Bill Jacques mother.

On July 21, 1959 my wife Delma and I, together with my parents, purchased lot 2 from Larry and Lorna Jacques for $900.  Bill Jacques then arranged to have his 100 foot lot split into 60/40.  Larry was given the 40 foot lot and built a small cottage with the proceeds from the sale of his lot #2.  Larry passed away shortly after and the 40 ft lot was sold to John and Verna Henselwood.  Upon John’s death the property was acquired by his daughter and son in-law, Dianne and Dwight May.  (The 60 foot portion of lot 1 has changed ownership several times, to Wally Pegg, then the Beatty’s and now the Levines.)

Doug and Joan Boniface sold lot 3 to Isobel (John Henselwood’s sister) and George Marlot.  Our son Craig Waller purchased lot 3 upon the passing of George Marlot in 2014 and built a new cottage in 2017.

Lot 4 was passed on to Graham Mino upon the passing of his mother Joyce. (no date available)Lot 5 was sold to Pam Osborne (nee Hewitt) upon the passing of Mrs. Coulter. (no date available)

Ted Burbidge also has shared info on how his parents wanted a buffer from the Jasim Lodge: 

When my dad bought in 1945, we were renting across the lake on the Hall’s Lake road near the Benbecula cottage (Dr. McRae had invited our family to the area in 1944). I remember crossing the lake in a small boat 5HP, landing and seeing a cottage being built by war veterans and my dad bought it. I have the deed and $1500.00 price tag framed and hanging on our living room wall. The veterans were given a lot of land along that shore in thanks for fighting in the war and sold the cottages perhaps the lodge also…..

I remember that my dad made sure he had lots of property between the lodge and our cottage because it was a LODGE.  Our cottage (pretty much the first cottage on the west side) was on a 150’ lot.  He also bought the adjacent 150’ lot full of trees to separate him from the business.  I was 5 years old, my sister Marilyn was 8 and my brother Peter was 2. We did not stray far from the cottage especially through the huge forest. I do recall …there were several cabins and two main buildings (activities and dining). The present cottage of Dwight May (formerly the Henselwoods John, Ron, and Dianne) was the closest to ours. …..Graham’s Mino’s original place was one of the main buildings complete with the log rafters. I sadly watched it burn down Thanksgiving, about 9 years ago.

Highlands sign photo taken in the late 1940’s on the Waller’s first trip to the area in Jim Waller’s 40’s Dodge Coupe. Photo courtesy of John Waller

As in Liz Clark’s story of Ol Buttermilk Falls, everyone has something to say about the roads in the Haliburton Highlands:

John Waller knows that Braeloch Road, years ago before it was completed, was called “Grit Road”. He further explains:  “In those days it was merely a 2 rut trail which required one to back up when meeting another car to permit passing.”  Ted Burbidge describes how his family had to go down Little Hawk Road and then back up the east side of Halls Lake:

There was no road at the time (1945) but some time the following spring a bulldozer followed the line of least resistance and created a wide path from the bridge (on Little Hawk Road) through to connect to the now Norm Wallace Lane from Hwy 35 to his resort. It was impassable by car from that point so we had to travel around the lake and across the bridge and onto the one lane, two track, grass in the middle, mud trail, past the (Jasim) Lodge to our summer cottage for the summer with my mother. Apparently she named the road Highland Road.  On Friday nights we kids would walk out to (Highway) 35 and wait for my father to pass by from his five hour trip from Guelph. My dad was an Osteopath from Guelph, who was a friend of Osteopath McRae from Galt and also Doctor Barney Marsailes, Osteopath from Burlington area I think. (On the McLaughlin family road and point). They were all good buds I found out as we grew up and strayed further from the cottage.

Once again, if you have more information on the Jasim Lodge or other lodges on Halls Lake please contact us.

For more information on the Highland/Braeloch Road as well as Norm Wallace Lane, see the story written by Mary Brereton, entitled “Name that Lane.”