Lake Plan

The current plan is under review for updating in 2021

This very comprehensive Lake Management Plan (LMP) started with a committee in May 2004 that included Carol Russell, Elaine Burbidge, George Legate, Diane Dennis Rock and Helen Perkins.  The purpose of the LMP is to identify the significant social, natural and physical features of our three lakes (Halls Lake, Big Hawk Lake and Little Hawk Lake) The report recommends a series of actions that will ensure the long-term sustainability and healthy existence of the three lakes for future generations. As outlined in the document, it needs to be regularly reviewed and to that end we are seeking volunteers who would be interested in doing so. Please email for more information and if you are interested in helping out with this

Fire Prevention

Learn more about how to stay safe and protect the people and places you love by accessing the information available here: 

And remember in case of an emergency, call 911, making sure you and/or renters know your property address.

Our Waters

Halls and Hawk Lakes are situated on the Canadian Shield with shallow acidic soils and granite substrata.

• The lakes are oligotrophic; characterized by clear, cold deep waters with low nutrient concentrations, low productivity, high oxygen concentrations dominated by cold water species such as lake trout

• Many residents have noticed an increase in algae growth

• Natural changes in water quality occur over time but human intervention can accelerate these changes

• Little Hawk Lake is especially susceptible to acidification

• Water quality testing has been performed sporadically since 1968

  • Our lakes are part of the Trent-Severn waterway, the largest & most complex canal in the world at 386 km long with 44 locks and 151 dams
Water Metrics
Benthic Poster Halls Lake 2021 – Rhianne Crowther, Jacob Findlay, Kaylen Foley
Benthic Poster Hawk Lakes – Schweighardt
Halls Lake Benthic Monitoring 2020
Hawk Lake Benthic Monitoring 2020
HHL Water Level Fluctuations Report
HHL TSW Impacts
TARP Water Quality Primer
How the Trent Severn Works
Calcium Decline Factsheet
Blue-Green Algae Factsheet
Lake Partner Program
FOCA Lake Partner Program Instructional Video

Land And Shore Stewardship

Jane Wilson Big Hawk.jpg
photo credit – Jane Wilson

HHLPOA has been proactively engaged in creating awareness and programs that help all of us better understand how to be good stewards of our land and waters.  Over the years the following environmental programs have been implemented:

  • “Love Your Lake” shoreline property evaluations 
  • Participation in the Coalition for Equitable Water Flow (CEWF)
  • “Lake Partner Program”, annual water quality sampling
  • Benthic bio-monitoring on Halls Lake
  • Abandoned docks removal
  • “Natural Shorelines” and  “Native Plants” presentations
  • Shoreline rehabilitation assessments and native plant sale
  • Elvin Johnson Park (Halls Lake), shoreline restoration projects
  • Healthy Waters Eco seminar for Kids
  • “Green Up Day”, trash removal from our roads, shoreline and parks
  • Involved in shaping the draft Haliburton County Shoreline Bylaw
Shoreline Renaturalization Presentation

Maintaining a healthy septic system is a high priority for all of us as we want future generations to enjoy the quality of our lakes and rivers as our families do today. HHLPOA has been active in this initiative. “Shoreline and Septic systems” presentations. Septic pump out cost- sharing for water access properties. Learn from the resources below and look for more information here about the Algonquin Highlands re-inspection program as it becomes available.

Septic Systems Overview – FOCA
Septic Systems – Conservation Ontario

Our forests and the habitat they provide are also important to HHLPOA

  • Support for Haliburton County tree preservation Bylaw (2013).
  • “Logging on the Hawks” seminar.  
  • “Bird Life in the Highlands” seminar.
  • New communication tools to broadcast our programs.
  • Beech Tree disease presentation and “Beech Bark” publication.
Beech Bark Disease Brochure