Abandoned Dock Program

Over the years it seems that there are more and more docks pulled up on MNR Big Hawk Lake and Little Hawk Lake shorelines that appeared to be abandoned. After 70+ years of seasonal property ownership and enjoyment of our lakes, it makes sense that owners have had to replace docks; things just deteriorate. Most of us have broken down our old docks and re-purposed what we could, removing the remaining bits from the shoreline.

Unfortunately, some property owners have just pulled their old docks into bays and have abandoned them; not sure what they thought would happen to them. These docks create potential navigational issues during our high water season. Not the least, they are truly unsightly in our otherwise beautiful environment.

Many of us move our docks into sheltered bays for the winter and return them to our properties in the following season. These are not the docks that are at issue, nor are docks that are used for swim platforms etc. A suggestion is to add your 911 number to the dock so that it is clear that there is an owner of the dock.

14 The HHLPOA is initiating a long-term program to identify docks that are unclaimed on the two Hawk Lakes.   The program starts with identifying docks that appear to be abandoned, creating a pictorial inventory, talking with property owners to clarify the status of the docks, communicating with property owners over the next year about the program via our website, our annual calendar, the friends of Halls Hawk Lakes Face Book page and at our Annual General Meeting. When it is clear that a dock is truly abandoned, volunteers will find a way to remove it from our lakes.