Did you miss the AGM?

If you did, don’t worry.  First, make sure you take care of paying your dues for this year (you can use the nifty Membership feature on this website).  Next, check out the draft minutes of the meeting as well as all of the presentations from our knowledgeable and passionate speakers (below).

Thanks to all for the planning, preparation & hard work that goes into each annual general meeting.  We also appreciate the fundraising made possible by the donation of beautiful works of art from our cottagers – thank you very much for your support!

HHLPOA AGM JULY 6, 2019_draft minutes


HHLPOA_AGM_2019 Abandoned Docks 2019

HHLPOA_AGM_2019 Cornfield Presentation

HHLPOA_AGM_2019 Cottage Tales for AGM 2019

HHLPOA_AGM_2019 Parade of Lights Cottage Tales Photo Contest Kids Scavenger Hunt Slides for AGM

HHLPOA_AGM_2019 Water metrics AGM Peter revised