Hawk Lake Waste Disposal Site – update

From our HHLPOA President, Peter Dadzis:

On Oct 17th, Algonquin Highlands Township Council , after giving our Lake Association delegation almost a hour of airtime (versus 15 minutes originally allocated), did not reverse the decision to totally close Hawk WDS. The dump will be open until sometime in 2021. Thereafter, recycling and trash will be collected at Maple WDS.

The Council was respectful of our delegation, listened to our points of view, asked good questions but in the end organizational efficiency and environmental concerns carried the decision. A key concern for Council is in the ongoing misuse at Hawk WDS of mixing non-conforming materials, e.g. building materials, etc, in the recycling bins. This disqualifies these contaminated loads as they are sold forward.

The idea is to make Maple WDS into a “super dump” that offers all services with better oversight and control.

Thanks to the property owners that showed up to provide their support. And thanks to all 210 respondents who responded to our survey.