Invasive species – what to do?

FOCA has some suggestions for prevention of the spread of invasive species in our lakes & in the woods:

–       Report a suspected sighting of an invasive species to 1-800-563-7711.

–       Participate in the FOCA Lake Association Invasive Species Monitoring Program.

–       Use non-invasive plants in your cottage gardens and consult the Grow Me Instead guides to find non-invasive plant and tree alternatives (

–       Don’t move firewood. Get your firewood locally.

–       Inspect and clean your boat when changing water bodies. Remove all plants, animals and mud. Drain water from motors, live wells, bilge, ballast tanks and bait buckets. Dry your gear completely

–       Dispose of unused bait and worms in the trash, not in the lake.


Cottage Invasive Species Guide

See the attached newsletter for more information.