National Volunteer Week – Why I Volunteer

From Diane Dennis-Rock, former HHLPOA Board Secretary and valued volunteer:

It is National Volunteer Week in Canada April 18-24.  The theme this year is The Value of One, The Power of Many and reflects on the many acts of kindness of individuals AND the goals that are achieved when many people work together.

As an individual volunteer in designing the calendar for the Halls and Hawk Lakes Property Owners Association (HHLPOA), I view the calendar as one of the tools to get out the message of “maintaining and improving our natural environment and the overall quality of life on our lakes.” This message has been very important to me during all of my adult life at Big Hawk Lake. I hope the calendar does the same for you and helps to display what is important to you.

There are many HHLPOA volunteers, the members, the directors, and the photographers, who provide the contents of the calendar. Through their hard work and contributions to the calendar, they show their dedication to our mission of “preserving and enhancing our lake community.” These dedicated volunteers spend weeks, months, and years to inform all of us of what is happening in and around our lakes. They make good things happen!

Every spring when I make my first visit to the cottage and stand on the shoreline, I am so thankful for the clear and clean water, the forests, the wildlife, fish and birds, the dark skies, and the overall peacefulness and quietness of the area.  I thank HHLPOA and its volunteers for making our mission a reality.

We can row without much effort and let the current carry us along to an unknown destination.  Or we can volunteer to use some muscle to push and pull the oar to steer in the direction we want to go with a destination in mind. I prefer to be a volunteer and do the latter for our lake association.  Have you thought about volunteering for HHLPOA? Believe me, it is intrinsically rewarding.