Photo Laureate Program

Do you or someone in your family love photography?  The HHLPOA Photo Laureate program will promote the sustainable, responsible enjoyment of the geography of the Halls & Hawk Lakes area (from our mission of “preserve and enhance”) and to establish a visual legacy for the current & future generations of cottagers/property owners in our region.

This brand new HHLPOA program will build community engagement as well as photographic resources for the Halls & Hawk Lakes area, and recognize photographer capabilities.

A Photo Laureate will be chosen from nominees and will be expected to photograph our three lakes, river and lands in all seasons.

Nominate someone prior to March 15th, 2022 by sending their name, email address, phone number & lake on which they or a family member owns property to 

Program details:

The HHLPOA photo laureate will be selected on the basis of nominations and subsequent brief applications (including examples of photographic capabilities).  A Selection Committee will be responsible for the selection process.

In order to qualify for nomination, the photographer must be eligible for membership in the HHLPOA ie. must own property on or near the Halls Lake, Big Hawk Lake, Little Hawk Lake or Kennisis River or be in the immediate family of a property owner (ie. child, parent, sibling).  Selection criteria will include quality of supplied photographs and level of interest and enthusiasm for the expectations of the position.

The photo laureate will hold their position for 2 years.  Their photographic content and photo laureate related activities will be actively reviewed, supported & coordinated by a Review Committee.    Photos are expected to be high resolution, well executed digital images.

The board has approved a $300 annual honorarium for the Photo Laureate, intended to cover fuel costs in travelling throughout our region in fulfillment of the position. The Photo Laureate will be granted a free membership in the HHLPOA for the duration of their position.

General expectations of the Photo Laureate:

  • to take responsibility for photographing our three lakes, river and lands in all four seasons, with a minimum of 16 photos per years
  • will grant the HHLPOA a license to use the photos produced for the purpose of the HHLPOA photo laureate program in our communications
  • to participate in judging for our annual photo calendar contest
  • will participate in events like the AGM to present information and/or photographic work
  • will help develop a photo-based legacy project for the HHLPOA
  • will contribute to an annual review of the photo laureate program, with recommendations for improvement