Water quality and what we’re doing about it

Your HHLPOA Water Quality Working Group has been hard at work this summer. We have been able to organize data collection teams on all three lakes. We will continue our participation in the Lake Partner Program (http://desc.ca/programs/LPP), in addition to performing Dissolved Oxygen testing and implementing an Invasive Species monitoring program provided by the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters (OFAH) on each lake.

Thanks to a great team of volunteers, Debbie Balika, Ted Burbidge, Janet Campbell, Jim & Mary Fox, Shirley, Terry & Kyle Moore, Adriane Weller, Lynn Carrotte-Quigg, Ken Comrie, Stu & Sandy Evans, D’Arcy Hill, Con & Mo Jansons, Rita & Peter Dadzis, Leanne Petroff & Ross Rawlings.

Watch for results and updates on the Water Quality section of the HHLPOA website