Why Join?

Photo credit – Sherrie Weiler

Your membership in the HHLPOA is a continuation of many decades of owner interest in being good stewards of our marvelous Algonquin Highlands.  While our time is of the current moment, we recognize that others have come before and have passed onto us 

  • clean waters and air
  • healthy fishing stocks
  • natural shorelines 
  • a peaceful quiet  

All of us should be thankful to our predecessors to have such a pristine environment to enjoy. 

Photo credit – Kate Rusnell

Our Time, Our Responsibility 

We all have a responsibility to take care, so that for those that come after us, they will have the same amazement and joy at the beauty of our lakes.  

HHLPOA supports these Environmental programs 

  • Haliburton County Tree Preservation Bylaw (2013).
  • Elvin Johnson Park (Halls Lake), shoreline restoration projects. 
  • Healthy Waters Eco seminar for Kids. 
  • “Shoreline and Septic systems” presentations. 
  • “Natural Shorelines” presentation by Professor Barbara Elliot.
  • Septic pump out cost-sharing for water access properties.
  •  “Logging on the Hawks” seminar. 
  • Beech Tree disease presentation and “Beech Bark” publication. 
  • “Native Plants” presentation.
  • Shoreline rehabilitation assessments and native plant sale. 
  •  “Green Up Day”, trash removal from our roads, shoreline and parks. 
  • Abandoned docks removal.
  • “Bird Life in the Highlands” seminar.

Benefits of working together includes partnerships

  • Coalition for Equitable Water Flow (CEWF) helps find solutions to water level issues
  • “Lake Partner Program” collects annual water quality sampling since the early 1970s
  • “Love Your Lake” shoreline property evaluations  are free to all property owners 2015
  • Involved in shaping the draft Haliburton County Shoreline Bylaw 2020
  • Watershed Canada and Algonquin Highlands Township have worked to restore the shoreline at Elvin Johnson Park 2013 and 2017
  • Benthic bio monitoring on Halls Lake is a Ulinks project with Trent University 2019
  • Federation of  Ontario Cottagers Associations (FOCA) offers numerous cost sharing benefits

Photo courtesy of Oakview Lodge

Communication remains a priority

In addition to our updated website, FaceBook group and Instagram account periodic newsletter emails keep you informed of  our programs. We also have

  • an Annual General Meeting
  • a unique calendar that runs May-April 
  • Cottage Tales that embrace our  history

Join (New Members)

$40 Standard Membership
$40 Standard Membership
$50 Donation
$40 Standard Membership
$100 Donation
Great Blue Heron Membership
$40 Standard Membership
$200 donation

Member Login / Renewal

Our provincial organization the Federation of Ontario Cottagers Association (FOCA) provides many benefits to us in exchange for our membership fee.

Cost savings can be realized through our HHLPOA/FOCA membership.

FOCA Member Benefits

HHLPOA membership fees support the numerous HHLPOA programs and social events including:

  • Navigational Buoys
  • Reasonable Water levels
  • Water Quality

As a collective voice we have more clout on issues that affect us all!