Love the Lake, Love the Loons!

Valentine’s Day seems like a great time to announce that 2024 will be the Year of the Loon for HHLPOA! This multifaceted project will continue our mission of Preserving and Enhancing our beautiful Halls and Hawk Lakes area. We will be working with U-Links Centre for Community-based Research to collect data on the number of loons nesting on our lakes. There will also be an educational component, called “Get the Lead Out”, which we hope will lead to anglers stopping the use of lead weights.  Next fall we will hopefully be ready with nesting platforms for the following spring.  

All of this of course involves funding. We hope that you will consider an additional donation when you renew your membership this year.

If you too love the loons, perhaps you can make the time to join the committee and work further on this project. Volunteers can sign up here: