A picture perfect event

The fusion of art and science always happens when kids learn about photography in nature through the Roberta Bondar Foundation. HHLPOA took it up a further notch with a beautiful day, including parents in the fun and learning.

Here are a few comments from parents:

“Today was a treasure. Teaching all the kids (and parents) how by stopping to notice the beautiful, interesting and mind boggling things (chrysalis anyone?) that are all around, there is so much to treasure.” Aoife

“Even after more than a week, my granddaughter is still talking about this day. It was really fabulous!” – Gail

Congratulations to Dylan who wins the top prize and will have his turtle photo made into a jigsaw puzzle by The Occurrence puzzle factory. The youngest participant, and runner-up, Luke, at age 4 also captured a stunning moment in time with his sunbeam shot. 

Dylan, age 15
Luke, age 4

There were thousands of photos taken over the course of the day, many of which could qualify for the HHLPOA annual Photo Calendar Contest. The theme this year is “The Best Day”. Don’t forget to send your jpeg files to alison.king@mediaprofile.com prior to the end of the year.

Einen, age 8
Eve, age 10
Isla, age 5
Cam, age 12
Claire, age 11
Charlie, age 8

Lead photo: Perhaps Ben, age 5 will be sending in  his photo?