Get to Know Your Halls Hawk Lakes Area Challenge Version 2022

How many of us have stories to tell about this spot? Do you know where this iconic place is on the Hawks?

This year the Get to Know Your Halls Hawk Lakes Area Challenge 2022 is about sharing our knowledge and love of the lakes.  Those on Halls Lake or the Kennisis River would no doubt like to know more about the Hawk Lakes but may not have a means of doing so. 

The 2022 Challenge has a driving portion as well as a boating challenge. We are looking for Hawk Lake volunteers who would be willing to give a boat ride or two, sometime between July 1st and August 8 to take fellow HHLPOA members on a tour. Perhaps the Halls Lakers will even offer a boat trip in return on Halls Lake? If you are willing to do this, please send an email to
And if you have a copy of the “Lure of the Lakes” it would be useful to complete the second portion.  Books can still be purchased here.

We’ve included a hint here – these maps will be invaluable! Check the event listing for more information.

Photo credit: Chrow family