How do those Navigation Buoys appear on the lakes every May 24 weekend?

Huge thanks to Doug Dodge and his family for volunteering twice a year to do this job on Big Hawk Lake. When asked why he, his wife and his sons would do this, Doug gave this response:

“There have been many beneficial initiatives and lake projects fostered by the lake association over the past several years, not the least of which has been deploying buoy markers on the three lakes.  As a cottager who has had prior ‘run-ins’ with rocks and shoals that seem to appear out of nowhere, I appreciate this initiative and wanted to assist with its continuance. 

Under the guidance of Ken Comrie, the lake director responsible for the yellow hazard and white warning markers, I have been their steward on Big Hawk since the programme’s inception.  In recent years, two of my sons Bryceson and Brad have happily assisted me with spring launch and fall retrieval activities.  Even my wife, Mary-Anne has assisted with the yucky chore of cleaning. 

We’re all  happy to participate – even look forward to it – and make boating safer and enjoyable for us all.  Safe boating everyone!”

Volunteerism does not pay you financially, but it sure pays off in other ways. If you are able to give a few hours this cottage season to help out at events like the Fishing Derby or the Float the River Event, please click here to sign up.