Insurance questions? Ask Us Anything on April 10th

Ross Fraser will try his best to answer all of your questions at our “Ask Us Anything” webinar on Wednesday April 10th at 7pm. 

Perhaps you are wondering about boat or ATV insurance being added to your cottage insurance. Maybe your cottage is now your full-time residence, how does that affect your coverage? Or does the short-term rental that you do once a year mean that you need to change your insurance. While overland water flooding may not be top of mind this year, maybe forest fires are. How do you know if you have the right coverage? Join us to learn more about this important topic. 

If you can, please send your queries ahead of time to give our FOCA Platinum Partner, Cade Insurance, the best chance to find the correct answers.

Pre-register here to receive the zoom link:

Lead photo credit: Carol Moffatt