Making photos and memories at the Kids Photo Challenge

Congratulations to Mateo, age 10, the winner of the Kids Photo Challenge organized by the HHLPOA in collaboration with the Roberta Bondar Foundation

Photo credit: Mateo

Along with other participants, he worked diligently to “make” a picture, not just “take” a picture. The reward is that his photo will be made into a puzzle thanks to the Puzzle Factory, The Occurrence, in Haliburton. 

All of our participants received gift certificates for a 1.5L container of Kawartha Dairy ice cream and a special surprise slushie treat from Big Hawk Marina.  HHLPOA would like to thank the Roberta Bondar Foundation for the use of materials and their expertise as well as our other sponsors for their generosity.

 Did you know that the HHLPOA launched our “Photo Laureate” program this year?  The work of Ben Harley, the 2022/2023 HHLPOA Photo Laureate is featured in each newsletter.

Many thanks to Joan Hamilton for organizing this event.

Harlow, age 7
Emilio, age 5
Cam, age 11
James, age 11