Shining a spotlight on our sparkling winners

What an amazing sound and light show on both Halls Lake and Big Hawk Lake last Saturday!  Kudos to all the participants, both on the docks and in the boats.  A huge thank you to the Foderick-O’Halloran-Winter clan for the fun pre-parade party and delicious dinner.  

We’re so impressed by all who participated in the first-ever Halls Lake Parade of Lights. An extra special congratulations to Bruce Lindsay for the best decorated boat and the Brundage/Hampsons for the best decorated dock.  

The Hawk Lake winners are a repeat from last year. 

It was all “fun, fun, fun” with an incredible effort by the Gibson-Weiler family for the Beach Boys Boat, receiving Best Decorated Boat two years in a row! 

The Best Decorated Dock on Big Hawk goes to the Hollows clan who put on their dancing shoes and made ABBA’s music come alive.

Lead photo courtesy of Ben Harley, HHLPOA Photo Laureate.