“Super star” Volunteer of the Year

Wow! What a “Volunteer of the Year”! Despite COVID restrictions, working from the U.S. and then managing without wifi at her Little Hawk cottage, Mary Chrow tirelessly persevered to organize approximately180 certificates for our “Years on the Lake” initiative.  She also created signage and graphic design for use on our website and in promotion of this season’s many events.

Thankfully for the certificates, Mary had the support of Kris Willis and Carol Foderick, who were, like Mary, part of the 75th Anniversary Committee. Mary has also been so very helpful, often at the drop of a hat, with marketing ideas and even with helping to name the “Lure of the Lakes”.

She was in touch with so many families in our Halls and Hawk Lakes community, ensuring that each would be recognized at our Founders’ Day Reception.  Unfortunately, that special event is postponed until next year, but the certificates are ready to be given out when we are all able to gather again in 2022, hopefully without COVID restrictions. Keep your eye on our website for details about the Founder’s Day Reception.