Think about how YOU can make a difference

2023 may be the year that you consider becoming a HHLPOA volunteer in some capacity, big or small!  There are lots of ways that you can do that, including signing up here on our website.
New opportunities have just become available through our newly elected Algonquin Highlands Council.  Of particular interest would be the new AH Recreation Committee which funds events throughout the entire township. It would be great to have a voice on this committee from the Halls or Hawk Lakes.  You can find the terms of reference here:

Details of how to apply are here:

The deadline to apply is 5pm Thursday January 12th, 2023.  

One big change for committees this year is that that you now can attend these meetings via Zoom. Not being at the cottage is no longer an excuse! 

From our newly elected Councillor Sabrina Richards, we also know of other important AH committees:

Environment and Stewardship Committee as well as the Cultural Resources Committee.   They will be reviewing the terms of reference for those committees in January but they may be of interest to HHLPOA.   The environment committee is involved in topics such as transfer stations/dumps, shoreline naturalization etc.   The cultural committee would be involved in things such as parking, the log chute and overall community planning from a cultural perspective.

Airport Committee – currently there are no members as they haven’t restarted it yet from COVID. Council will likely be turning the airport committee into more of an economic development committee for the airport to focus on making the airport self-sufficient rather than a drain on the tax base.   Until the council continues those discussions it’s not a committee open for membership  –  yet.There are also two Museum Committees. However, they have not opened these committees to Zoom participation yet.  The township will be piloting the other committees by Zoom to work out any problems and then re-visit these museum committees.